• The Projects of points of batch bread on stations the STATOIL Poland about 30 places
  • The Reconstruction of station the STATOIL Poland near Puławska street in Warsaw, near Krasnobrodzka street in Warsaw, near Fieldorfa street in Warsaw, near Krasińskiej in Lublin
  • Extension and the reconstruction of station the STATOIL in Zakroczym 2005
  • Extension and the reconstruction as well as the building of reservoir of driving oil on station the STATOIL in Sopot near Niepodległości street - 2005
  • The Project of hand wash for station the STATOIL Poland
  • The Project of adaptation of existing building on need of station of fuels from restaurant for firm the STATOIL Poland
  • The project Conceptions of station the ORLEN Poland

  • EMPORA - Architects' Office: projects of buildings and the interiors of public usefulness, habitable houses, the farm implement of terrain.
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