Słowiańska 20 lok. 2A Street
01-695 Warsaw - Poland

tel. +48 22 832 19 62
fax: +48 22 832 19 64
mobile: +48 605 247 792

The firm the Empora is the specialise in in creating the conception, building projects firm and the executive objects of public usefulness as well as the objects of habitable building. We specialise in in projecting in Trade Centres the interiors of net of shops as well as in projecting objects and interiors for medical trade. We offer our customers the complex service as early as from stock - taking the, creation of conception of object, across projecting, the process of obtainment of formal permissions as well as the the author's supervision in track of realization. We co-operate from many executive firms making use them also they know and practical experience. Firm has existed for 1997 year, it develops still and many interesting realizations have on one's account. We possess architects' universal team, on solid we co-operate with designers of installing trade.

  • The Projects of buildings of public usefulness
  • The Projects of buildings, adaptation of buildings as well as the interiors of objects of service health
  • The Projects of interiors and the equipment of trade objects, office, gastronomy the as well as public usefulness
  • The Projects of buildings of, extension, reconstruction objects education
  • The Projects for sector of housing building
  • The Projects of the farm implements of terrain
  • The the author's Supervisions and inwestorskie over realization of projects

  • EMPORA - Architects' Office: projects of buildings and the interiors of public usefulness, habitable houses, the farm implement of terrain.
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